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Welcome to my Writing Portfolio!

I have been a ghostwriter, book writer, and have written blog articles and health education articles for the past 7 years!

Check out some my Portfolio and Service offerings below. 

If you are needing a great guest post for your health site, or assistance with capturing your own voice, I can help! 

Click "Contact Me", submit my form, and we'll chat.

Never Stop Healing


Never Stop Healing is a book I co-Authored with the brilliant Regan Archibald Lac, FMP, DIPL OM.

This book takes you through a simple, affordable, and transformative 100-Day Health Challenge. You will learn one new healthy habit per week, the science of why it works, and how to implement it into your life!

This down-to-earth, practical health guidance provides HUGE results.  With my health coaching expertise and Regan's years of clinical research, functional medicine application, and patient success stories, it's sure to help you "Never Stop Healing".

Content Creation

I have written Blog articles, created Instagram Posts, and Newsletters for major brands such as Dr. Frank Lipman, NAO Wellness, and their partnerships.

I can educate on health topics and capture the voice of the brand and founder with purpose, clarity, and ease.

Having worked in the world of Functional Medicine with Doctors all across the country for years, I know the Wellness Industry deeply. I educate and inspire with stories, knowledge, and professional sources.

Health Shake

Published Articles

Super Health Food

Check out some of my top ghostwriting articles and opinion pieces below!  I cover all topics in health from Functional Medicine, to Women's Health, Gut Health, Biohacking, Lifestyle, and more!





Music and Musical Theatre

started writing music in college as a Musical Theatre major.  My lyrics for "True Love" with composer Danny Abosch have been used in the movie and musical adaptation of Jeffrey John's "Waiting in the Wings".

I've now written a musical comedy with my husband that will be produced asap in the United States!

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