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What I can do for You

Sessions Vocalist

I've worked with Music Licensing Companies, Composers, Audio Engineers, Music Producers, and Creatives all across the world!  My specialties are Disney, Musical Theatre, and Pop.  I've also sung Country, EDM, and Folk.  I record from a home studio set-up but can also come to your studio if you live in the Los Angeles area.  I'll learn your music very quickly, providing a terrific take of your song(s) for your music library.  Whether songwriting is your hobby, professional vocation, or anything in between, I care deeply that the final product is exactly what you dreamed it could be, if not better!   I also write music and can make up lyrics, melody lines, harmonies, adlib, and provide doubling tracks. I take direction very well.  If we are communicating online I offer revisions, and if we are in person, I can get a great take for each song in under an hour.  If you have multiple songs, we can bundle them. Please contact me - I'll create a custom quote.

Wedding Ceremony

I started my professional singing career in a Catholic Church Choir at age 10.  I traveled with a professional theatrical group throughout Cleveland, Ohio performing in a staged production called "Compassion".  I've also Cantered masses and have sung professionally at many wedding ceremonies (Catholic and non-religious.  If you aren't religious, no problem!).  Songs range from "Ave Maria" (Schubert) to "Calico Skies" by Paul McCartney.  I take requests so that the music is exactly what you want it to be for your special day.  I work great with your hired musicians or can find them for you through my network of talented friends if you need trusted referrals.  They would be paid separately based on their own rates.  Very little rehearsal is needed as long as we have sheet music, and I can arrive 1-2 hours before to run things a couple of times. Please contact me - I'll create a custom quote and can offer song suggestions if you feel overwhelmed. 

Musical Theatre

I graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, one of the best MT schools in the country.  I've performed in THE FANTASTICKS Off-Broadway, in the Broadway National Tour of HAIR, and in Tokyo, Japan.  I have also done professional readings for the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program in New York City.  We would rehearse for only 3 days and then perform their composed musicals for other students, staff, and select invited guests so they can see their work live.  I've recorded Musical Theatre songs in studios and give the same quality and professionalism to live stage work.  Please contact me - I'll create a custom quote.  If you are looking for singers for a not-for-profit or charitable organization that needs volunteers, I do that depending on availability and time required.  

Other Singing Needs

Need a professional singer you can trust to execute a specialized performance event or experience for you?  After listening to my style, if you feel I'd be a good fit, please contact me and I'm happy to discuss!  I can provide background vocals for a fancy holiday event for your company, or help you write a lullaby you've been working on for your child! (Yes, I have written and sung the melody for someone just wanting to write and sing their kid an original lullaby - one of my favorites).  I am someone you can count on to show up prepared, ahead of schedule, and exceed your expectations no matter what your vocal project may be.  I also work remotely so I can work with you wherever you live around the world!  I'm so grateful for that. :)  Please contact me for a customized quote.

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