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My Story

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As a Cleveland, Ohio native, I started singing professionally when I was 10 years old in my local church choir, then booked leads in community theatre productions and professional theaters throughout the greater Cleveland area.  By age 13 while starring as "Annie" in ANNIE, I decided it was my calling to pursue Musical Theatre as a career.
I completed a rigorous and competitive college audition and application process my junior year of high school, and was selected to attend the University of Michigan's Musical Theatre program - one of the best in the country - in a class of only 17 people.  I earned my Actor's Equity Association membership by sophomore year of college performing at the St. Louis MUNY, one of the oldest and largest outdoor summer stock theaters in the country.  I also played the lead in a new musical my junior year of college!  After graduating with honors, I immediately booked an agent and joined the cast of THE FANTASTICKS off-Broadway in NYC. My first few years out of college I also performed in the Broadway National Tour of HAIR, at several prestigious regional theaters, and in Tokyo, Japan!
I can wow an audience with Broadway classics like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" or "Edelweiss".  I've made people cry (good tears) singing "Ave Maria" or "Calico Skies" at their wedding.  I've even recorded music from home and in professional studios as a sessions vocalist, recorded my very own Christmas EP with my brother (a professional songwriter, guitar player, and singer), and have worked as a singer and lyricist for music licensing companies.  My latest joy is writing the music and lyrics for a brand new Musical with my husband!

I began my second career passion as an Integrative Health Coach over a decade ago while still performing.  My reason for becoming a Health Coach ran deep - I was overweight at the age of 10 and inspired myself (despite how much I hated it) to take up running on a treadmill my Dad agreed to buy (thanks Dad!).  Through that and crowding out junk food with my Mom's cooking, I lost 25lbs over 2 years and gained incredible confidence and energy.  It was with that newfound inspiration I became a top 7 cross-country runner on my Varsity high school team, we won the regional championship my freshman year, and I was simultaneously cast as leads in community theatre productions.  I also (somehow) managed to do junior varsity soccer and a touring show choir on top of earning straight As. Needless to say, I was and still am an overachiever.


When I entered college, I quickly realized that I needed to learn as much as I could about nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness in order to excel in theatre, stay healthy, and be able to sustain an 8-show workweek. I read every health article I could get my hands on, took a nutrition course, and developed a passion for functional movement and strength training.  While I loved health and wellness, I also developed habits of binge eating, weighing myself, and yo-yo dieting from the stress and pressure I felt to look great on stage. As a result, I struggled immensely with body image, anxiety, and depression from age 18 through my early 20s.  That struggle has given me the utmost compassion and empathy for others, and I am drawn to help women overcome those immense challenges and feel at peace with food and their body. 


I was in NYC still performing when I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011. I was called to become a Health Coach in 2012 so I could help others (and myself) through my passion for healthy living. IIN helped me remove immense health barriers in my own life and I immediately started working with clients. Since that time I've been serving clients of functional medicine clinics and wellness centers across the U.S. with great success.  I coach to inspire change through one-to-one programming, written education, and corporate wellness presentations, working with brands like Hitachi, RELX, Hyatt hotels, and more.

I'm also a content creator, ghost writer, and proud co-Author of the book "Never Stop Healing" with Regan Archibald, FMP LAc.

I look forward to working with you and helping you accomplish your goals through my skills of Coaching, Speaking, Singing, and/or Writing! 


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